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Starship Titanic News

22.May.1999 Starship Titanic for Mac and QuickTime 4 Preview Release Problem
4.May.1999 Mac ST installer fix
23.Apr.1999 Important news for Mac Starship Titanic users.
23.Apr.1999 ST DVD version available in the UK this May
20.Apr.1999 Raumschiff Titanic, ST's German cousin, goes gold
10.Mar.1999 Starship Titanic wins at the Codies
4.Mar.1999 Starship Titanic for Mac in the shops Friday (UK)
26.Feb.1999 MacCentral review of ST
26.Feb.1999 "Raumschiff Titanic" enters Beta test phase
15.Feb.1999 Mac ST goes gold
5.Feb.1999 Starship Titanic Community Press Release