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The Starship Titanic Announcement List

Want the Cruise News as it happens? Itching to get your tentacles on the latest Starship Titanic gear? Can't miss a single issue of StarStructSpam?

Then you want to sign your good self up right now -- to the Starship Titanic announcement list!

It couldn't be easier. Just type your name and e-mail address in the box below and press the "Subscribe" button. Soon we'll send you an e-mail to confirm. Simply reply to that e-mail with a blank message and Bob's your uncle!

(For those of you who've already reserved your berth through Starlight Travel, don't worry! You're on our system. You're family. Uncle Bob says so himself. We won't desert you till you tell us to, and even then, we'll always be here at this page, waiting patiently... loyally... longingly... to welcome you back aboard The Ship That Cannot Possibly Go Wrong.)


(IMPORTANT NOTE: You will not be subscribed to the list unless you reply to the initial e-mail that gets sent to you. We had so many people who subscribed to the first list and then claimed not to know who we were, gevalt, such tsoriss, enough already...)