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Welcome To Starship Titanic Chat

Welcome to the Starship Titanic chat forums. Here you may meet and greet other players of this fine virtuality experience, engage in idle banter, pursue the elusive art of conversation, and perhaps even pick up some helpful hints as to what to do next. Be warned that in these forums you may see 'spoilers'. What are spoilers? Well, they are things like "If you give the dog to the parrot he will give you all the objects you need to complete the game." You see? So if you want to solve the game all on your own, you may prefer not to enter the chat forums.
There are 3 separate forums - one for each class of passenger aboard the Starship Titanic. Each forum has its own specific rules as explained by the capable crew of the Titanic.

SGT Forum - introduced by G. 'Nobby' Nobbington-Froat, Liftbot

2nd Class Forum - introduced by Mr. A. Parrot

1st Class Forum - introduced by D'astragar (D'astragaaar) D'astragar, Maitre D'Bot

Please click on any one of the three links above to enter that forum. If you're really stuck, don't forget you can buy your copy of the Official Strategy Guide Book courtesy of